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Our book „Backpack Grooves – Rock“ is about fundamental and essential rock drum grooves that no groove backpack should be without. Included are half-time, midtempo, swing and uptempo grooves divided into intro, verse, pre-chorus, chorus, bridge, fills and endings. There are several variations for each song part.

Inspired by great and solid rock songs, these grooves and fills have been compiled. 

We have prepared this extensive collection as part of the groove studies. And because rock grooves should always be with you (in your backpack), we named it „Backpack Grooves – Rock“.

Backpack Grooves - Rock - Book

The Book


Grooves and exercises

409 Grooves

Multi-bar rock groove exercises divided into intro, verse, pre-chorus, chorus, bridge, files and endings.

Practice System

2000+ exercise ideas on timing, independence, rhythm...


Option: Basic Rock Performance Certificate (separately available)

Reading Sample

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What it's about...

Rock is such a diverse musical genre. Hardly any other musical genre has formed so many sub-genres and influenced musical styles and movements. Rock songs are dominated by rock solid drum grooves.

This book covers the music genre rock as part of the groove studies. Together, the groove studies form an area of fundamental drum education. By combining rhythmic and coordination exercises with grooves that can be used in everyday drumming, you will get to know and play this versatile music genre. The grooves are grouped by form parts and songs. There are a total of 409 mostly multi-bar rock grooves for intro, verse, pre-chorus, chorus, bridge, fills and endings. The learning system provides you with coordination and rhythm exercises for each groove.  This keeps the practice sessions interesting and you can take on the challenge of over 2000 exercises.

The book contains halftime, midtempo and uptempo grooves. You learn straight- and swing-feel grooves as well as 4/4 and 6/8 time signatures.

The groove studies for rock were created on the basis of the „Basic Rock“ library by Toontrack. 

*With explicit and friendly permission.

Backpack Grooves - Rock

Lesson and study book for drums

With a proven practice concept and a methodical structure, you can use the drum book „Backpack Grooves – Rock“ for your self-study or your teaching. Or you can use the book as a reference for songwriting, music production or drum programming. The collection contains grooves at different levels of difficulty. This makes the book suitable for every drummer.


Backpack Grooves - Rock
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