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drums.education is a modern Rockschool drum school. Lern more about us:

The drum lessons are offered in the format of online courses or „blended online learning“ and also 1:1 drum lessons. You can choose the way of learning that suits you best.

„Blended Online Learning“ combines your personal learning in an online course with 1:1 support.

At drums.education you can also find teaching, learning and exercise books.

Educational approach

„Blended Online Learning“ is a future-oriented teaching concept that helps you as a drum student to learn how to play the drums in a motivating and focussed way. You can learn at your own pace and are individually supported and accompanied by your teacher/tutor. 

The lessons in the online courses are complemented by the exchange with your teacher/tutor via asynchronous video chat, live sessions and chat messages. This allows you to learn at any time and from any place.

It is also possible to learn to play the drums just by taking the online courses without the support of a teacher/tutor. You can book a 1:1 lesson at any time if something is unclear or difficult for you.


Rock includes many musical genres and styles. These include directly or indirectly pop, rock, metal, funk, fusion, blues, reggae, jazz and more.

Rockschool comes from the UK. Each level of training can be completed with an accredited qualification.

Drum lessons according to the Rockschool concept are especially suitable for children and teenagers. But adults also enjoy learning with the teaching concept.

The qualifications (Rockschool/RSL Awards) are mapped in the European Qualifications Framework.

The music lessons are tailored to the modern musician. Your learning progress is rewarded with a valuable qualification, whatever your age. You can progress from beginner to „professional (professional musician level).

The structured and practical curriculum works with a lot of music and integrates the technical playing content in an enjoyable way.

I am motivated every day by how successfully and with how much joy our students learn with our Rockschool classes.

- Chris Merz -

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