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Great that you are here and welcome to drums.education drum school. The drums.education drum school is a modern (online) drum school offering drum lessons, drum courses and drum books. Our Rockschool drum lessons and drum courses are designed to provide you with a fun and motivating way to become a drummer. Our curriculum is suitable for all levels and guides you through your drum training: from beginner to starting professional.


Backpack Grooves - Rock

409 grooves | intro, verse, pre-chorus, chorus, bridge, fills, endings | 2000+ Exercises opportunities | rock groove studies

Classic Rock - Grooves

319 grooves | intro, verse, pre chorus, chorus, bridge, fills | 2000+ exercise opportunities| music history


Online Drum Lessons - Blended Online Learning - Drum Courses


tailored to musical and artistic abilities. Versatile areas: Rock, Pop, Fusion, Metal, Country, Blues, and more.


from beginner to professional: 4 levels with 9 grades of performance (Debut to Grade 8). Rockschool lessons.

teaching system

modern, practical and structured curriculum based on motivation and a success experience.


qualifications and certificates (accredited)


Do you have a question about drums? No matter what drum topic you want to know something about (lessons, playing drums, drums, cymbals), we will be happy to answer your question. You might also find an answer to your question on our pages or in the FAQ section. Just have a look around or send us your question using the form. We look forward to hearing from you.



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